READING-BOOKThe Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars, Inc. (IAAS)’s mission is to promote multicultural literature and literacy through innovative programming.

Over the years, the IAAS has built an enviable reputation for staging exciting and innovative literary programs that engage the public with issues and ideas from differing perspectives. Our Board remains committed to introducing new and diverse literatures and multicultural literary resources into the public discourse with our program initiatives, 2Leaf Press, our literary website: phati’tude || Conversations in Literature, The African American Literary Festival, our bookstore, 2LP Bookshop, and literary resource wiki and database:  phati’tude Literary Magazine is on hiatus with plans of its return in the works.

Our past program initiatives under “phati’tude Programs” include: phatLiterature, A Literary TV Show (now known as “phati’tude Literary TV Show”), VISIONARY VOICES, VISUAL SIGNATURES, phati’tude Language & Literary Arts Curriculum (phatLLAC), and Real Poetry, Real Talk.

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