Gabrielle David, Executive Director. Gabrielle David is a multimedia artist with a strong administrative and legal background. Her professional experience includes: desktop publishing, layout, web design and video production; word processing, software training, technical support and systems maintenance; advertising and public relations; administrative and paralegal support; and cultural programming. As Executive Director, Gabrielle utilizes her skills to run the day-to-day operations of the IAAS, usually with one hand attached to a mouse and the other with her cell phone to her ear. gdavid[at]

Michelle Aragón, Director, Marketing Communications. Michelle Aragón has been a senior level writer and producer responsible for producing brand-building, award-winning advertising for Fortune 500 companies, having recently added television production to the mix. When she’s not writing copy, developing marketing strategies, and ad campaigns, Michelle, who is also an artist, is redesigning the IAAS’s marks (the phati’tude logos are her handiwork) and designing marketing materials. Talk about multitasking! maragon[at]

Curator and Art Director.Lorraine Miller Nuzzo has been involved with phati’tude since its inception. She oversees art direction for phati’tude Literary Magazine and is responsible for selecting visual artists and their works that are displayed on phati’tude Literary TV Show’s set. With a pen on the other side of her brush, Lorraine is also a business woman (Lorraine owns a successful online business) committed to bringing the arts to our communities. lnuzzo[at]

Kevin Tobar Pesántez (Editorial, Spring 2012, phati’tude Literary Magazine)
Karen Chau (Editorial, Spring-Fall 2011, phati’tude Literary Magazine)
Travis Smithlin (Graphic Arts, Spring-Summer 2011, phati’tude Literary Magazine)
Amanda Ostrove (Editorial, Summer 2011, phati’tude Literary Magazine)
Eric Barbera (Editorial, Summer 2011, phati’tude Literary Magazine)
Kari McBride (Graphic Arts, Spring 2011, phati’tude Literary Magazine)
David Manoff (Accounting, Summer 2011, The IAAS)

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