Check out The IAAS Videos of great poets and writers, and the programs we’ve produced that’s been captured on tape! A small sampling, some of these videos are from phatliterature TV Show, some are author videos for 2leaf Press produced and direced by Vagabond. You can find more videos on YouTube at the IAAS and 2Leaf Press channels. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we had in their making.

2Leaf Press

Something Beautiful by Abiodun Oyewole
Jesus Papoleto Melendez: No Escape from the Fire E
Tony Medina is Broke
Afro-Artifacts of a Last Po'Rican

phatLiterature, A Literary TV Show

EP. NO. 1: Langston Hughes: Celebrating a Literary
EP. NO. 2: Voices From the East
EP. NO. 1: We Real Cool: Tribute to Gwendolyn Broo
EP. NO. 9: Words Matter
EP. NO. 7: Rivers of Women: Margaret Walker
EP. NO. 6: Poetry in the Public Space: The Bowery
EP. NO. 5: Words on Stage
EP. NO. 4: Contemporary Russian Literature
EP. NO. 3: Poetry in the Community
EP. NO. 2: In Conversation
EP. NO. 3: Poet-to-Poet: The Image & the Spoken Wo

Visual Signatures

Featuring Otto Neals
Featuring Anders Knutsson
Featuring Michael Singletary
Featuring Louie Gasparro
Featuring Roberta Berman
Featuring Takeshi Yamada
Featuring Lorraine Miller
Featuring Nikita Hunter
Featuring Abdul Badi
Featuring Charles Lilly
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