The Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars, Inc (IAAS), is a NY-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes multicultural literature and literacy. We’re looking for a few good interns who have a high degree of self-motivation, able to work independently, superior communication (both oral and written) and organizational skills, with an interest and a strong knowledge of literature, publishing and culture. Good communication skills and the ability to work well with others are essential. The ability to stick to deadlines is absolutely mandatory.

The IAAS offers interns a number of areas to work in, including legal, administrative, accounting, fundraising and grant writing. We also offer internships through our three program initiatives: phati’tude Literary Magazine, 2Leaf Press and For these programs, we’re looking for writers, editors, researchers, graphic artists, web programmers and grant writers.

You should know that while our P.O. Box address is in New York City, the IAAS operates on a computer cloud, meaning we communicate and conduct business using our laptops and cell phones, almost exclusively. For those individuals in New York City, we meet from time to time, and we conduct staff meetings via webcam and/or conference calls.

So since we allow ourselves to be “immersed” in digital technology, we don’t want interns and volunteers that just take orders and slave away at their specific tasks –- we consider everyone as part of the team — including their input and ideas as well. While volunteers are not required to make huge time commitments and can work at their own schedule, we ask when they take on a project, it meets our deadline dates.  Interns will be required to work a minimum of 10 hours a week toward completing our internship program.

Interns and volunteers will be given a chance to hone and develop their business, writing, editing and artistic skills in the context of the regular routine of a literary nonprofit organization. Training will be provided in order to carry out specific tasks. Aside from an introduction to our organization, we provide interns and volunteers an opportunity to make invaluable contacts that could lead to other opportunities, in fact we encourage it.

Interns and volunteers will be granted official staff titles and credited in whatever area they are working in, whether it’s for the organization or one of our programs. The executive director of the organization will provide letters of recommendation for job and school applications as requested. Interns and volunteers will also receive free copies of the magazine for the duration of their association with phati’tude Literary Magazine.

The IAAS is happy to participate in any internship program that offers students credit at the high school or college level. Interns should become familiar with our organization and have a strong background and interest in contemporary literature and publishing. We require excellent communication and good typing skills. Computer literacy is an absolute must. Knowledge of Microsoft Word is essential. Familiarity with content managements systems (to update the website), InDesign and Photoshop (to work on the magazine) is an added plus.

Below are our application deadlines for each semester.

Fall/Winter Semester: July 1
Spring Semester: December 1
Summer: March 1

Potential interns and volunteers should look at previous issues of the magazine and review our websites before applying. Please send a cover letter, resume and writing sample (or art portfolio) to Gabrielle David at gdavid [at] with the subject line “WE ARE LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD PEOPLE.” Be sure to tell us why you want to work with us, what you would like to do, your experience, your future goals, and why you love literature. Don’t forget to attach your resume!

Thanks for your interest in the IAAS. We’re extremely grateful and excited at the prospect of having extra hands added to this labor of love, for it’s this kind of support that has allowed the IAAS to continue its work.

Cheers and we look forward to hearing from you!