PHAT TV SHOW LOGOphati’tude Literary TV Show (formerly known as “phatLiterature, A Literary TV Program”) was created by the Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars, Inc. (IAAS) to feature interviews of emerging and established writers who inspire, inform and educate with creativity and passion their craft through a medium that is accessible to all.

A weekly 28-minute program that is taped before a live studio audience in a community-based setting, phati’tude Literary TV Show was developed as an extension of phati’tude Literary Magazine whose goal was to transfer the written word into the spoken word with insightful interviews. phati’tude Literary TV Show also showcases visual artists by integrating their works as part of the set design that were featured in a 90-second segment called VISUAL SIGNATURES. phati’tude Literary TV Show has aired on approximately 50 public access networks and college stations across the country. Below are excerpts of each episode.

Writers who have appeared on phati’tude Ltierary TV Show (links send you to phati’tude website):
Tony Medina, Sydnee Stewart, Nelly Rosario, Idra Novey, John Watusi Branch, Mikhail Iossel, Bridgit Evans, Rana Kazkaz, Bob Holman, Abiodun Oyewole, Kristin Prevallet, Shirley Bradley LeFlore, Maryemma Graham, Meena Alexander, Ram Prasad Devenini, Jesús Papoleto Meléndez, Askia Touré, Tony Van Der Meer, Ammiel Alcalay, Brenda Walcott, Victor Hernández Cruz and Tonya Foster.

Find out more about phati’tude Literary TV Show here.

EP. NO. 1: Langston Hughes: Celebrating a Literary
EP. NO. 2: Voices From the East
EP. NO. 1: We Real Cool: Tribute to Gwendolyn Broo
EP. NO. 9: Words Matter
EP. NO. 7: Rivers of Women: Margaret Walker
EP. NO. 6: Poetry in the Public Space: The Bowery
EP. NO. 5: Words on Stage
EP. NO. 4: Contemporary Russian Literature
EP. NO. 3: Poetry in the Community
EP. NO. 2: In Conversation
EP. NO. 3: Poet-to-Poet: The Image & the Spoken Wo
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