HANDS-CLAPPINGThe Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars, Inc. (IAAS) celebrates the literary arts through publishing, booking readings and talks by established and emerging writers; creating workshops; putting together performances that combine music, dance and the spoken word; video programs and special public programs and events.

Our current  program initiatives include: 2Leaf Press, our literary website: phati’tude || Conversations in Literature, The African American Literary Festival, our bookstore, 2LP Bookshop, and literary resource wiki and database: LitWiki.org.  phati’tude Literary Magazine is on hiatus with plans of its return in the works.

Our past program initiatives under “phati’tude Programs,” was conceived by IAAS board member Michelle S. Aragón, who believed we should have an “emphatic attitude towards contemporary literature” with a need to “change a static mindset of the written word.” The purpose of these initiatives was to create programming that embraced both traditional and emerging new media. They include: phatLiterature, A Literary TV Show (now known as “phati’tude Literary TV Show”), VISIONARY VOICES, VISUAL SIGNATURES, and phati’tude Language & Literary Arts Curriculum (phatLLAC). Real Poetry, Real Talk was our last initiative under “phati’tude Programs.”

IAAS programming does what Bill Moyers has often called the “conversation of democracy.” We engage voices and ideas with literature that has been seldom, if ever, exposed on television. We publish voices that major publishing houses neglect. We create curricula that demonstrates how the study and making of literature and art can be a powerful way for students to engage in critical thinking. We help the public understand that there are multicultural, socially engaged writers and media artists in their communities who should be seen and heard.

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