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2Leaf Press: A Small Press With Big Ideas!

2Leaf Press is an imprint of the Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars, Inc. (IAAS). It was created to publish award-winning, well-designed books by emerging and established multicultural poets and writers. On October 19, 2012, 2Leaf Press published its first book, Hey Yo! Yo Soy! 40 Years of Nuyorican Street Poetry, The Collected Works of Jesús Papoleto Meléndez, a bilingual edition. Since then, the press has published fifteen books, with more on the horizon. Says Gabrielle David, Executive Director of the IAAS and publisher of 2Leaf Press:

“Many of the writers we publish in phati’tude Literary Magazine are always asking us to publish their books. In fact, we’ve been wanting to do an imprint since the early days, but I’ve always believed the stars needed to be in just the right alignment. Well, they’re still not in perfect alignment and may never will be, but we felt this was a good time to go ahead with it. For one thing, we’ve gleamed tons of experience from publishing phati’tude Literary Magazine using the latest digital technology and have expanded our mission to include translations, so we feel have something tangible to offer our writers and the reading public.”

As major publishers continue to merge and consolidate, and become more focused on finding the next blockbuster best-seller, 2Leaf Press continues its mission to discover new writers and to shepherd their work into the hands of thoughtful readers worldwide. We believe that there are a lot of exciting writers out there who are writing books that are sometimes eccentric or difficult but are extremely rewarding. Visit our website at 2leafpress.org for more information about our books, authors, and the latest literary news.

For more information, contact info [AT] 2leafpress [DOT] org. Happy reading!

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