phati’tude Literary Magazine, established in 1997, is an award-winning, themed, quarterly that features the best poetry, prose, short stories, articles and interviews along with literary criticism, book reviews and biographical profiles by established and emerging poets, writers and artists.

phati’tude Literary Magazine focuses on, but is not exclusively devoted to, the work of writers of African, Latin@, Native American, Arab and Asian descent, in an aim to provide a forum for quality works of diverse voices from around the globe.

phati’tude Literary Magazine is part of the IAAS’s “phat’itude Programs.”

In addition to this overarching goal to offer a platform for writers of all origins, each issue of phati’tude Literary Magazine is published as an 8” x 10” perfect-bound collection of the best new poetry, prose, short stories, articles, and exclusive interviews along with literary criticism, book reviews and biographical profiles by established and emerging artists, a worthy addition to anyone’s collection of literary works.

“This literary magazine is not something written by and for the elite,” explains Gabrielle David, editor-in-chief of phati’tude. It’s a down-to-earth vehicle for writers of poetry, fiction and non-fiction to express themselves and enter into a discussion with each other and audiences world-wide while addressing a given theme. Our plan is to create a self-sustaining magazine that will bring the work of contributors and the products of our advertisers to a large, wide-ranging readership. Right now, our goal is letting the general public know that phati’tude Literary Magazine is available to connoisseurs of literature as well as provide education professionals a teaching tool that consists of a rich source of material on current and extremely relevant cultural and literary issues.”

phati’tude Literary Magazine distinguishes itself as a multicultural publication that appeals to a general, literary-inclined audience that offers literary aficionados, as well as students, to develop an appreciation and understanding of all aspects of literature from writers of diverse cultural backgrounds. Just check out our Author/Artist Index, and previews of the issues we’ve already published, and you’ll quickly discover that phati’tude Literary Magazine is an invaluable resource that connects readers to today’s contemporary writers. Help support our efforts and purchase phati’tude Literary Magazine today on

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