phati’tude Programs. So what is phati’tude? It’s an emphatic attitude towards contemporary literature. Born from the need to change a static mindset on the written word. Conceived with the vision of a nonprofit organization to foster understanding of and respect for cultural diversity through literature and media literacy. Realized by its founder, Gabrielle David, in a literary arts TV program and printed magazine to provide a forum for poets, writers and educators. Evolved to include a series of initiatives that combine the strength of traditional media with the power and reach of new media. The programs listed below are inactive at the moment, but can be re-activated for new programming. All of our phati’tude programs can be found on


phati’tude Literary Magazine, established in 1997, is an award-winning, themed, quarterly that features the best poetry, prose, short stories, articles and interviews along with literary criticism, book reviews and biographical profiles by established and emerging poets, writers and artists. phati’tude Literary Magazine focuses on, but is not exclusively devoted to, the work of writers of African, Latin@, Native American, Arab and Asian descent, in an aim to provide a forum for quality works of diverse voices from around the globe. phati’tude Literary Magazine is a current program.


phati’tude Literary TV Show (formerly known as “phatLiterature, A Literary TV Program) is a 28 minute program that features interviews of emerging and established writers who inspire, inform and educate with creativity and passion their craft. The TV show has aired on approximately 50 public access networks and college stations across the country. Check out our videos at YOUTUBE and tell us what you think!


VISIONARY VOICES is a documentary-style, 28-minute television program that presents America’s literary visionaries of the past. Each episode of VISIONARY VOICES acquaints viewers with an author’s background and their literary significance, including the author’s body of work. Utilizing photographs, footage and interviews of contemporary writers, the program’s objective is to enlarge viewers’ comprehension of literature and to promote awareness of the breadth and variety of American writing.


VISUAL SIGNATURES is a mini-documentary that promotes the works of professional visual artists from diverse backgrounds. They tell their stories, discuss what they do, why they do it, and in most cases, show how they create their works. Initially created as a 90-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) for phati’tude Literay TV Show, the 90 second spots are available on YOUTUBE.


phati’tude Language & Literary Arts Curriculum (phatLLAC) examines American literature by exploring its political, cultural and social traits, and how they affect the literary genres, writers and works of our time. Available for middle school, high school and college levels, phatLLAC’s unit fits seamlessly into the English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum as an enriched study on poetry, memoir, fiction writing and author study. The unit can also be embedded into a visual arts or social studies curriculum that makes connections between art and American history. phatLLAC’s goal is to enlarge students’ comprehension of literature and to promote awareness of the breadth and variety of American writing.