Real Poetry, Real Talk was a reading series launched May 2011 and was held at the landmark Bowery Poetry Club in New York City.

Real Poetry, Real Talk was developed by the IAAS to promote poetry under the auspices of phati’tude Literary Magazine. Our first guest host was Jon Sands, one of the nation’s most celebrated spoken word artist and poet, who helped edit the first issues of phati’tude Literary Magazine, and had recently published his first poetry collection, The New Clean.

The idea behind Real Poetry, Real Talk was to create a space for both performance and learning, where the reading of “real poetry” is followed by “real talk” designed to celebrate the written word. The series was set to feature a variety of nationally-known and local literary talents who bring high levels of energy, amusement and poignancy to an exciting selection of poetic styles. Not only would the feature guests read their work, but they would also discuss the art of poetry and answer questions from the audience, offering inspiration in a nurturing, open environment to students, teachers and lovers of poetry.

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