The Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars, Inc. (IAAS) has been a longtime advocate of visual storytelling to advance the mission of our nonprofit. Never before have the tools of visual storytelling been so inexpensive, easy to use and accessible to the masses so that we can educate and inspire people to take action.

We are highlighting some of the best examples of the photographs, videos, and graphic design that the IAAS has become known for. Our videos are available on YouTube for the IAAS and 2Leaf Press, and we have photo accounts on Flickr for the IAAS, 2Leaf Press and phati’tude. Much of the credit goes to Vagabond for stretching a shoe-string budget and creating wonderful author videos and great press photos for 2Leaf Press, and Lorraine Miller Nuzzo for some of the brilliant layouts she created for phati’tude Literary Magazine. Enjoy!

Photos by Vagabond
Art by Lorraine Miller Nuzzo
The IAAS Videos

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